How long is it until my blinds are delivered?
Generally your blinds will be delivered within approximately 15 working days.
After I order my blinds can I make any changes?
Once a deposit is received, any change needs to be communicated with Gold Class Blinds Ltd within 24 hours, after this point no guarantees can be made, although every endeavor will be made to achieve any changes required. Once production has commenced, the order is irreversible, and so full payment for the ordered product is payable, independent of any replacement order being placed.
Do I have to pay over the internet?
No you don’t have to pay over the internet. You can call us on +61 413 174 112 or post a cheque or cash is good .
What happens if my blinds are damaged in transit?
If your blinds are damaged upon installation, please notify us immediately, Gold Class Blinds Ltd will immediately repair or replace your blinds. You must inspect your blinds as soon as practicable after installation and report any damage to Gold Class Blinds Ltd within 5 working days. After this time Gold Class Blinds Ltd cannot be held responsible for the damaged item or the replacement cost.
Can I install my own blinds?
The installation of Blinds is a simple process if one is used to the process, however we have found that installing is better done by a dedicated installer, this reduces errors, and results in a better completed result. Our standard practice is to install our own blinds for warranty purposes.