Design Issues

At Gold Class Blinds Ltd we realize that being your own designer has its own challenges. At the same time we realise beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That is why we have come up with some common things that we feel contribute to the overall beauty of your home when selecting window treatments and other decorating goods.

Points to consider

Different products, similar look :
Meeting your design needs may be approachable in multiple ways. Some products offer similar looks but are composed of different materials. Each has certain characteristics that will add to any room.

Sliding Glass door / Patio doors / French doors

This poses a design issue in areas where you may have a tendency to ignore this opening. Our treatments can turn a typical trouble spot into an accent. In this case, you should request an exact measurement (outside mount) that will include Hold Down brackets. By doing so you will add a very exciting element that will stand out in areas like kitchens and family rooms.

Colour Trends

Window treatments are of immeasurable importance in setting the tone of a room and the options for its design. They can take centre stage, boldly focusing attention on themselves or they can blend with wall coverings and other furnishings.

They can frame or filter natural light or block it entirely. When you are deciding what to choose, remember that window treatments are part of the Decor: not an isolated item.

If you take a casual glance through the consumer design publications, you might wonder if the finish or the colors of window treatments have changed much over the past several years. Some might even wonder why window manufacturers would need to be aware of what the latest colour trends are. After all, wood is wood and white is white.

The occasional "colour" paint or stain finish in wood blinds seems to be a unique and quirky statement. For those who work in the window treatment industry, it's not that simple. Colours are evolving, no dramatic changes. Gray was an extremely important influence, probably coming from fashion where gray was the top colour in both men's and ladies' wear for 1999-02. Colour overall is moving lighter, . Window treatments are part of a home's architectural identity, immediately conveying period and style. Within the last decade or so, window treatments have become a major fashion statement for many people's homes. Window treatments quite often play a significant role in defining the color for the home interior - both in the way it is used and the percent of the budget it requires.