How to Choose

By Room
By Window Type
Windows by a sink should be easy to clean. Creation Wood, sunfilter blinds and aluminum blinds are the easiest to clean. The blinds that have smooth painted finishes, as opposed to rough, textured finishes are best suited.
Master Bedroom
Black out blinds such as romans, Creation Wood, Urban Shade, thermal backed fabric, timber or aluminum venetians, are very popular and all can complement different varieties of furnishings.
Master Bathroom
Humidity doesn't ordinarily adversely affect any quality window treatments, even wood blinds or roller sunfilter. However, if the window treatment gets direct water pressure, Creation Wood or aluminium venetians are best.
Of utmost concern is safety. Make sure your product has the latest safety features, and that cords are not near cribs. Darkening the room is usually a common goal, so the blackout of romans timbers, Creation Woods, or aluminium venetians are best.
For a tailored look that's not too fussy, sunscreens, Creation Wood, or cedar blinds are appropriate. Remember to keep consistency for the front of your house.
Living Room
For an elegant room, consider Sunscreens, Romans, or Timbers. They are all in vogue and ever so popular. If there is an unobstructed view Sunscreens can work wonders in keeping the view, keeping your privacy, and leaving a stylish modern look. Romans overlapping Sunscreens can also work together very well giving you the option of total blackout if preferred.
Remember Consistency
Keep consistency throughout where possible remembering to keep it all looking the same from each visible elevation of your home, Front being most important.
French Doors
The key is to think of the door as a window, which happens to be in a door. It is usually best to use the same products as those already on windows in that room, for consistency. A blind or sunscreen will work just fine, and can be easily fastened at the bottom of the door. It is common to use hold down brackets at the bottom so your product won't flop around as the door opens and closes. The product can be easily removed from the bracket whenever you want to raise it. (Hold down brackets only available for Creation Wood, timber and aluminium).
Windows with a nice view
When you have a window with the view of a golf course, pool, mountains, etc., you should consider a product such as a sunscreen, that keeps your view and stops the harsh sun. Wood blinds have the bulkiest stack, with 1" having the worst because they have twice as much wood.
Bay Window
Any product will work in a bay, but if there's no gibboard between the windows, be aware of possible gaps where the products "meet".
Sliding Doors
Verticals are very popular for sliding doors, despite their diminishing popularity in general. They can be installed within the frame or over the glass. But don't necessarily choose a vertical if the other room products are something other than verticals. Consistency is important, too. Another possibility is Aluminium Venetians.
Hard to reach windows
Consider specifying extra long cords so you can open or close a product.
Front of house windows
It is common to want the front of your home to be as uniform as possible - just how uniform is up to you. Most people just make sure that the front products are generally white. If a stained room faces front and you're using stained shutters or wood blinds, then you'll have to decide if it's acceptable visually. Most think this is fine.

The more symmetrical your home the more likely the products should be similar. People often use one product across the front; however, many also use one for the first floor and another for the second. It's your house, so whatever you feel is appropriate should be fine.
Windows with humidity
All quality products are water resistant. Even good wood blinds are varnished and perform well under humid conditions. If your window gets direct water pressure (it's located in a shower) only a 100% vinyl product will perform well such as creation wood or Aluminium Venetians.
High abuse areas
If you have rambunctious kids in your home, you should get the highest quality, sturdiest products. Aluminum blinds, cedars or creation woods will be the most appropriate.